Physiotherapy Otherwise is now available in paperback, from all major online suppliers. Just search for it on Amazon, Bookdepository, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you order your books from. So now you can read the free pdf version, or read a paperback copy at the cost of printing…
This is a cross-posting from Matt Low that has also featured on the Perspectives on Physiotherapy blog. Recently, I engaged with the CPN regarding the…
Something for the weekend curated by Satu Reivonen:
Many apologies but we sent you the wrong link to yesterday’s CPN Vulnerability course recording. This is the correct link (passcode:^&!7ZuXz)
Resource links to all of the material from the 1st session
This time tomorrow will being this years free online CPN course on the theme of vulnerability. Led by UK based consultant physiotherapists Matt Low the…
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Something for the weekend:
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